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April’s Trips and Changes

28 Jun


This past April I got to go visit my friend and “neighbor for life,” as we call it, Allie, in Chicago! She was my next door neighbor for almost 20 years and is like the awesome little sister I never had.


I had never been to Chicago before and really liked it. I was only there for an extended weekend and definitely need to go back and see more. We spent some time in Millennium Park and it snowed big wet fluffy flakes on us.


Since it was cold and kind of wet there weren’t too many people at the park. Here’s the middle of Cloud Gate looking up from underneath.


Can you tell we we’re chilly!


  1. Walking over the bridge between Millennium Park and the Art Institute.
  2. Pie for breakfast from Hoosier Mama?
  3. Squishy!!! This is her greeting me in the morning.
  4. One of the Thorne Miniature Rooms!
  5. Cappuccino from Intelligentsia.
  6. I really liked this graphic mural.

In other news, I decided to see if I could find myself an art teaching position a little closer to home… and I did! After six years of teaching at Burchett, I will be moving to a school about ten minutes from my home. I’m really going to miss my kiddos and awesome teammates and co-workers at Burchett, but I’m also excited for a new adventure.

Stay Tuned!

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