The Holidays in Review – Part 1

13 Jan


This year the Holiday season seemed to have started earlier than usual for me, and lasted a nice few weeks, which I was more than happy about. I hate it when the Holidays seem to come and go and I don’t get to cherish them.

We stared celebrating the weekend before I got out from school. A few weeks earlier our brother-in-law, Sean’s sister’s husband, emailed us offering to fly us up for New Jersey as a gift to Juliana! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. It was one of the nicest things anyone, other than our parents, has offered. Not only was it a surprise gift for Juliana, and I love a great surprise, but also a wonderful gift to us as well. If you know know me well, you probably know I love to travel. I frequently day dream about forgetting about my responsibilities or lack of monitory funds and just getting on an airplane and going to see a friend and have an adventure in a faraway city. And here it was, an airplane ticket for a weekend trip to spend time with family! And a wonderful time we had. We met our newest nephew, Asher, for the first time and I even got to have lunch with one of my dearest friends from college and meet her sweet baby boy. Here are some of the highlights!




We celebrated the last two nights of Hanukkah with everyone.



And we had a great time playing with the boys in the park! The trip was a wonderful way to start off our Holiday celebrations.

PS. You like Sean’s beard? He shaved it after the holidays but it was fun while it lasted!

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