Lenten Fasting and Feasting

4 Apr

I hope everyone is having a good Holy Week. This year for Lent, Sean and I decided to fast from most animal products. No dairy, eggs or meat and limiting sugars to the least refined varieties. It has been a struggle, and some foods have been harder to give up than others but I’m really glad I am doing it. Having Sundays as feast days has also been a great way to celebrate with some of the foods we’ve given up and fellowshiping with our friends. It hasn’t been perfect. I have given in a few times during the last few weeks but I’ve learned a lot from the whole process and even after Lent is over I think we will keep up some of the same habits. I have some more posts on the way of recipes I’ve tried over the last few weeks but I wanted to share a list of a few of my favorites before Lent came to an end.

Snobby Joes from Post Punk Kitchen – These were fun and very filling.

Sunflower Macaroni from Post Punk Kitchen – This was a delicious sauce with macaroni and veggies.

Black Bean Butternut Squash Burritos – Oh She Glows – One of my favorites we just didn’t add the cheese.

Miso Soup from 101 Cookbooks – This was so fast to through together and yummy.

Thai Peanut Sauce from Budget Bytes – This sauce is simple and delicious on most anything.

Dairy Free Stuffed Shells from Eat, Live, Run – These are very comforting. I made them as manicotti instead of shells and they turned out great.

Peanut Stew from The Vegan Stoner – I ended up making this without the chickpeas, but added green beans instead and it was very good.

Chana Masala Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from The Copycat Cook – Such a great balance of spices and flavors in this dish.

Spicy Vegetable Tagine with Couscous from Real Simple – I really liked the depth of flavor and all of the veggies in this.

Cauliflower Penne Puttanesca from Real Simple – A great pasta dish, again we just omitted the cheese.

Even if you haven’t given up meat or dairy, I hope you enjoy these recipes. I know I plan on eating them again year round.

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