Christmas Party!

2 Jan

This year we hosted a Christmas Party for our small group friends. Everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite Christmas/Cosby theme sweater. I didn’t realized that these types of sweaters are so in demand at this time of year! At least I have a full year to try to find a gem of a sweater for next year. I was very impressed by our groups overall Christmas enthusiasm.

As I tend to do, I also got very excited about cooking for the party. I’ve been on a Jamie Oliver kick recently so many of dishes I made were inspired by him. Unfortunately, I forgot to take that many photos of the food! I guess I’ll have to come up with an excuse to make some of them again.

To snack on I made garlic hummus, spiced nuts and bruschetta with butternut squash, chestnuts and cranberries as seen above. For dinner we had Beef and Ale Stew, roast garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed green beens and Cranberry-Pistachio Nut Loaf. This was pretty different from anything I have really made before and I really liked it. It has so many of my favorite holiday flavors all in one dish.

For dessert there was Apple Crostata, which I also made for Christmas day so I’ll post more on that later, and Chocolate Cake. The cake is made with coconut milk and I also made some changes so that it was wheat free. It turned out super delicious. I just need to find another occasion that justifies me making more chocolate cake. I’ll leave you with this adorable picture. Stephanie and Liz are expecting soon and I can’t wait to meet their new additions!

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