I went to Austin…again, and Round Top

23 May

As you can tell from a few posts back I was in Austin again three weekends ago. Sean was in Kansas City for another friends wedding so I was on my own. Luckily, Allison lives in Austin so I spent some time with her, and some of our other friends from Houston, Ali and Jason, were also in Austin for the weekend, so I was never lonely.

Saturday morning Ali, Jason and I went on a little adventure up to Mount Bonnell. This is one of the tallest points in the city and it has a pretty great view. You only have to walk up a few steps.

At the top there’s a pretty look out point.

And views like these.

Ali, Jason and I also went to Bud the Pie Man’s house. Who is Bud the Pie Man you ask? Well he owns a cafe and pie shop in Round Top, Texas. Ali had sold one of her paintings to him a few months ago and he wanted her to see his house and come eat at his restaurant. Since I was with Ali and Jason, I got to see his house too, and it was awesome.

This magnificent animal greets you as you come in.

Words can’t really describe the rest of the house, so I’ll just let you use your eyes.

I had such a great time looking around. I almost felt I was in an episode of American Pickers, he had so many interesting items.

For lunch we all went to Torchy’s Tacos. I had the friend avocado taco, which I would definitely get again.

Ali and Jason went to eat in Round Top that night, and after hearing how good it was I decided to stop there on my way home too. I had some soup and a slice of Lemon Coconut Chess pie, which was delicious.

I also got to meet Bud, who was so nice and even gave me a free pie to take home after I took this picture for him.

Visiting Round Top was a great way to end my weekend trip.

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