Pinterest: One of my Favorite Sites

15 May

Beware, if you are easily sucked into online visual worlds for hours at a time you might want to stop here. Pinterest is an awesome site that catalogs images from the web into easy to navigate ‘pinned’ picture walls. You can search by subject or member, and if you apply for a membership yourself you get to pin your favorites on your own walls. Do you see how dangerous this can be? Well at least for me.

In all seriousness though this site is really awesome. I have been bookmarking pages for years, but this system is based on pictures so I instantly know what I have saved. I frequently forget why I have bookmarked a page when I go back to it months later, but no longer! Don’t be intimidated by having to apply for a membership. It’s free and only takes about two weeks for them to get back to you. I think they do this so they can better manage the amount of traffic on the site.

So take a look around, but beware, it’s addictive. You can check my page here. I don’t have too much up yet, but I have an entire summer ahead of me.

2 Responses to “Pinterest: One of my Favorite Sites”

  1. Mom May 15, 2011 at 3:40 PM #

    OK, I’m hooked already. I like all the things you pinned.

    • asharperfocus May 15, 2011 at 3:49 PM #

      Thanks mom! You need to get a membership so we can follow each other. Love you!

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