This year at school

22 Nov

I’ve been having a pretty good school year so far. It has definitely gone by quickly. Here a few projects we have done so far.

Here the 3rd graders looked at Klimt’s painting, Cradle, and then drew themselves sleeping with a quilt, focusing on creating texture with the different patterns they design.

1st grade also did the Kandinsky Circle project again this year, and I was very impressed by the thought many of them put into their color selection.

At the end of October we did some Dia de los Muertos inspired art in 5th grade with dancing skeletons.

2nd grade read Go Away Big Green Monster and created their own Green Monsters. They turned out mostly very cute, and just a little bit scary.

The kids are also finishing up their rodeo art right now and they will all be done the week we get back from the Thanksgiving holiday. We did some new projects this year that I think are turning out really nice.

This past Friday was also our annual Health – Safety convention at Burchett. A dairy farmer came out with his Jersey Cow, Missy, and gave a demonstration on dairy cow and how we get our milk. It was pretty interesting and although I thought Missy was very cute, I don’t think I want a cow any time soon. They are a lot of work to keep happy and healthy.

One Response to “This year at school”

  1. sean November 22, 2010 at 4:17 PM #

    yum! milk!

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