More Garden

24 Jun

Looking back on my garden post from about a month ago, I realize how much everything has grown. Here’s an over view of it now!

I put some flower in by the gate, and next spring I would like to put in a lot more around the fences. They have attracted lots of honey bees, which has been great for my garden I’m sure.

We’ve had quite a bit of food so far. Lots of cherry tomatoes, and they keep on coming, and some regular sized tomatoes. 5 or 6 eggplant and about the same about of zucchini.

Our one little Jalapeño plant has been very busy and we’ve already had 3 bell peppers!

The corn looks like it might be ready in a week or two, but only a few plants did really well. The corn is an heirloom seed from Missouri and I’m not sure it was the hardiest of varieties, but hopefully what we do get will be tasty.

And last but not least the cucumbers have exploded, and tonight I counted 6 baby cucumbers growing on the vines. Maybe if I get enough I will try to pickle some of them.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been outside a lot more than I usually have been in the past, but this summer it definitely a hot one. I’m enjoying the time off from school though. I’m still teaching a few art classes throughout the summer part time, but they’re small class and have been fun so far.

One Response to “More Garden”

  1. Aunt Jan June 24, 2010 at 9:26 PM #

    Things look really good, like the flowers about the gate. Hope to see you soon. Give your Mom a big hug, hope she feels better soon. Love

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