Fall Fun

23 Nov

I’m off from school this week, which finally gives me some time to update and do all of those things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t quite got there yet.

Corwin and his parents came over on Halloween. Our neighborhood had a trunk or treat festival which was a lot of fun and a little more manageable for Corwin. Although, he didn’t seem very interested in getting candy. The playground and other peoples pet dogs seemed to be more of a priority.

A couple of weeks ago my parents and I also went to the George Ranch Historical Park in Richmond, Texas, for their yearly Texian Market Days. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The park is a living history park with four different houses on it from the 1820’s, 1860’s, 1900’s and the 1920’s, and in each house there were people dressed in the time period’s clothing to tell you about the house and what would have been happening on the ranch during that era.

The family in the pioneer log cabin were grinding corn and weaving cotton.

There were also ranching demonstrations and civil war/texas war for independence reenactments. The occasional canon firing was a little unnerving.

The only house I could take pictures in was the 1860’s home.

This in the the George’s parent’s in law house which was built in Richmond around 1900 and then later moved to the ranch when it became a park.

The George’s house (the first picture at the top) might have been my favorite. It still has all of the original 20’s, 30’s, 40’s furniture and decorations in it. This is the water tower/meat storage for the house.

There is also an awesome treehouse that they built for their niece.

I think my dad had a chance to channel his inner cowboy.

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