Visit to Waco

21 Jun

Over a week ago Sean and I went to Waco for a few days and then drove up to Longview. It was fun to go on a mini road trip to start off summer. Waco was fun, but as I drove to visit one of my favorite little antique shops I was horrified by this image.


Last summer this was one of my favorite buildings to drive by. It was the Sanger Avenue Grade School. Originally built in 1904, the building had been empty since the late 70’s and many of the windows had been boarded up. Even though it looked a little worse for wear it was fun to think about what it must have looked like inside and what a beautiful place it would have been to go to school. I had always meant to take pictures of it, but always seemed to not have my camera with me when I drove by. Well, I found out that this past October the school was burned down by arsons. Luckily they have been caught, but what is left breaks my heart. I regret never taking pictures of the school before. This experience has further reinforced my recent goal to keep my camera with me and to not be tentative about taking more pictures. The owners haven’t decided what to do with the remains of the building yet, but I hope they choose to keep it around in some form. Even in ruins it’s still a beautiful building.

Here are some pictures from the Waco Tribune’s article about the fire. The top right show the school after it had been abandoned. I liked the architectural detail of the towers. Sorry these are small, they were all I could find.


After I got home and was looking at the pictures I took I realized in this photo of the back of the school there is a desk with a sewing machine on it just outside the door. I wish I had realized this when I was there so I could have investigated further, but know it’s just kind of a funny detail.


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