Look, it’s London

17 Mar

Trafalgar and Big Ben

Yay for nice parents and spring break! I’m in London for the week seeing the sights and hanging out with my parents. Yesterday was rather drizzly so I didn’t get out my camera, but today was better. It’s nice and chilly here, which I think is fun because of it’s novelty. Yesterday we went to the National Gallery and then mom and I went to Oxford street so I could show her Liberty. To bad the fabric there coast so much, it’s soo pretty. Today we ventured out to Hampstead Heath and walked through Kenwood House. The house is very nice and has a great collection of portraits. When we got back from the heath, dad and I just wondered around a bit. I’ve started a photo album to document our adventures. Who knows what we’ll do next!

Photo Album – England 2008

One Response to “Look, it’s London”

  1. Aunt Jan March 18, 2008 at 1:52 AM #

    Hope the sun comes out soon, as usual I love the pics! Have a great time, and keeps those sinuses clear. Love.

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