Saturday Adventures: An Introduciton to One of My Favorite Places in Fort Worth

22 Apr

Today was a day of making childhood fantasies come true. It’s kind of a long story and I feel I must give some preface. One of my favorite places to spend time in Fort Worth is in the Park Hill Subdivision. If you are ever thinking of moving to Fort Worth, and have the means to do so, you should purcase a home in Park Hill. I try to go there at least three times a week to walk or jog. The subdivision is about ten minutes from TCU and is situated on a bluff overlooking downtown Fort Worth in the distance and right next to the zoo. The basic layout of the streets in the neighborhood are two semi circles, one within the other, you can look it up on Google map if you need a visual. Anyways, some of the homes in Park Hill date as far back as the 20’s, but the majority where built in the 30’s. I love the character that each house has; no one is exactly like another. Here is a small sampling to give you a flavor for the neighborhood.

welcome house 1 Big house in the center Oldest house in the subdivision another house The view over the bluff, the zoo is just down the hill.

Come back later for the adventerous tale. However, as a disclaimer, please keep in mind that my definition of adventurous is probably not very high compared to the rest of the population.

2 Responses to “Saturday Adventures: An Introduciton to One of My Favorite Places in Fort Worth”

  1. asharperfocus April 22, 2007 at 5:23 AM #

    Oh, and a note. If you want to look up real-estate in Park Hill, I would go to Williams Trew. Just type in the zip as 76109, or look under FW Cen W. SW. This is mostly for you Aunt Jan, : ) . Zip codes – 76110 and 76107 are also winners for old houses.

  2. Aunt Jan April 23, 2007 at 1:59 AM #

    Boy, you have my number don’t you !! I love looking, but know that these are so far off my radar it’s not even funny. Loved the pics though.

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