3 Feb

Today Krystina and I went to Bath. We ended up getting there a little later than we had hoped because the train had to be diverted another way, but it wasn’t too much longer. The city was very nice, much as I had remembered it. We first went to Bath Abbey, which I must say might be one of my favorite churches. It has very nice detail, and yet it’s not to extravagant, well balanced overall. It also has beautiful windows, 52 sets the be exact.

Bath Abbey Angels climb up the sides of the church Inside I really like the ceiling Inside again
After the Abbey we went on an open-air bus tour of the city. It was cold, but very enjoyable. I was able to get some pictures of the Royal Cresent, since I knew we probably wouldn’t have time to walk up the hill to see them later.

View from the city Pulteney Bridge Royal Cresent
We then had a late lunch of Fish and Chips, my first this trip, which were warm and filling. Then we went off to the the Roman Baths and a little bit of shopping before we called it a day. I’m a little sad I didn’t get to go back to the costume museum, but there’s always next time.
Roman baths Hot springs

2 Responses to “Bath”

  1. Mom February 4, 2007 at 1:43 AM #

    I love Bath Abbey. Is it abbey or cathedral? Never mind. I love that church. I love the angels climbing the ladders on the outside. I have to agree that it well balanced, beautiful without being extravagant.

    I’m glad you and Krystina had a good day in Bath.

  2. seanpatrickpope February 4, 2007 at 2:02 AM #

    “It has very nice detail, and yet it’s not to extravagant, well balanced overall.”

    That’s the via media of the English Church, my dear. Here’s one of my favourite poems that illustrate such balance.

    The British Church

    I Joy, deare Mother, when I view
    Thy perfect lineaments, and hue
    Both sweet and bright.

    Beautie in thee takes up her place,
    And dates her letters from thy face,
    When she doth write.

    A fine aspect in fit aray,
    Neither too mean, nor yet too gay,
    Shows who is best.

    Outlandish looks may not compare:
    For all they either painted are,
    Or else undrest.

    She on the hills, which wantonly
    Allureth all in hope to be
    By her preferr’d,

    Hath kiss’d so long her painted shrines,
    That ev’n her face by kissing shines,
    For her reward.

    She in the valley is so shie
    Of dressing, that her hair doth lie
    About her eares:

    While she avoids her neighbours pride,
    She wholly goes on th’ other side,
    And nothing wears.

    But dearest Mother, (what those misse)
    The mean thy praise and glorie is,
    And long may be.

    Blessed be God, whose love it was
    To double-moat thee with his grace,
    And none but thee.
    – George Herbert

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